The Bush Hypocrisy

As many of you probably know, the U.S. Court of Appeals has denied the right of the Guantanamo Bay detainees to challenge their imprisonment.

Since America invaded Iraq, we have been given countless reasons for our occupancy there. First the certain presence of those pesky weapons of mass desctruction, and where were those again? We were told that Saddam had connections with Bin Ladin. Reason after reason followed for our occupancy. Finally, the Bush administration settled for two reasons: Saddam was torturing his people- starving families, raping wives, beheadding anyone and everyone. Second, we need to spread democracy. It is up to us to make sure the greatest system in the world, the American system, permeates throughout the entire world.

Herein lies the problem: (completely disregarding the fact that it could very well be impossible for an inherently Islamic society to coincide with democracy) . We condemn Third World countries for their treatment of the accused- for their random imprisonments, for torture, for holding citizens captive without giving them the mere dignity of knowing why they’re being held captive. However, the Bush administration has decided that at Guantanamo Bay, the captives there do not deserve the privilege of Habeas Corpus, one of the most basic American rights.

How is it that we can continue to push for democracy, for liberty, for justice and freedom, yet when it comes time to extend these rights to the very people on whom we’re trying to force them, we’ve decided that it’s just not that important? It’s the parent who smokes two packs of cigarettes a day and tells his or her child not to smoke. How can we claim to be a beacon for the world when we continue to violate the principles we hold so dear?


15 Responses to “The Bush Hypocrisy”

  1. winston Says:

    you spelt hypocrisy wrong

  2. 06jk Says:

    And you spelled “spelled” wrong. Ironic, eh? Hahaha, sorry Dubs.

  3. KAK Says:

    You have some valid points and the detainees have some legitimate concerns. However, when have zealots, extremists, dictators, despots, etc ever demostrated the right to any! privileges? Let me see now… they hate the USA: they hate our principles, laws, values, people, varied religions, diversity, and just about everything about us BUT they want to take advantage of every privilege we’ve earned. Hmmmm… our money, welfare system, citizen’s rights, healthcare….. Next point: Do you know how well the detainees are treated? Investigate an UNBIASED assessment and you’d be surprised. They are living in better conditions than many in their homelands – some in this country too. Keep away from the liberal media and also the the right wingers but think about the “big” picture. FWIW – bring our men and women home and let the mid-east sort out their own problems. Also, rid our soil and economy of the drain on our resources by booting them out of the USA. Stop aid to countries that nurture terrorism. ETC!!!!! ps – I liked your blog.

  4. Fred Says:

    Your comparison to a parent smoking and not wanting their child to is comparable. A parent wants what is best for their children, a good parent wouldnt want their child to because they know the effects it will have. The US thinks that because of what we’re doing it will have a positive effect. Very different. But hey, i guess you got the hypocrisy thing down…

  5. Fred Says:

    Is NOT comparable… my bad

  6. 06jk Says:

    So, not simply TELLING someone why he/she is in prison is best for him/her? We do not know that ever detainee is guilty of something. What about the innocent ones? They have very limited means of preparing an adequate defense.

  7. britandgrit Says:

    Your country is moving in a similar direction to the UK, which is that the presumption of innocence is being replaced by the presumption of guilt. One of the problems of terrorism is that it is, whether we like it or not, changing the democratic style of freedom.

    the Brit

  8. 06jk Says:

    Very eloquently put, britandgrit

  9. britandgrit Says:

    Hi j, Brit,

    Keep in mind that these people, and I use the term loosely, were captured on the field of battle, fighting out of uniform. In any other war we have fought, they would get a quick battlefield trial from whatever officer was handy, and would be shot. They gave up any rights they had by their actions, and deserve neither our sympathy or pity.

    the Grit

  10. mrmc Says:

    I completely agree with your assessment of the administration’s hypocrisies.

    The weakest responses to your argument have been
    1) why should we care about terrorists rights, since terrorists don’t give a darn about anyone ELSE’S rights, and
    2) we treat them with care and respect–just check out any UNBIASED report.

    In response to those flimsy, darn-near-anti-American, arguments:
    1) We are a society of unemotional laws. Everyone has a right to prove their innocence and we will objectively listen to all evidence. Then, and only then, will a jury of regular citizens decide on the guilt or innocence and the need to remove a convicted person from society.

    No one at Gitmo has been convicted. Innocent people have been torn from their families and imprisoned. Please read the unbiased reports on that.

    People who have not had their say in courts have been moved to other countries to be tortured by our “friends”. Please read the unbiased reports on that.

    We are affording men at Guantanamo Bay less rights and worse treatment than felons who have committed the most heinous crimes (example: John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer)

    2) International watch groups, who have no political interests in this country, have reported on physical and psychological abuse at G.B. Very little respect for culture or religion has been afforded these men. And remember, they are in prison–for YEARS–because they are suspected (and ONLY suspected) of some type of link to terrorism.

    To think that Guantanamo Bay ISN’T a form of terrorism itself is to NOT think. It’s looking the other way in the face of an unlawful policy. G.B. is not the American way–it’s the way of Stalinist Russia.

  11. winston Says:

    i didn’t misspell anything. “spelt” is a word

  12. 06jk Says:

    “Spelt” is used in the past participle: “You have spelt ‘hypocrisy’ wrong” as opposed to “You spelled ‘hypocrisy’ wrong”.

  13. Granpa George Says:

    The International conventions that refer to war, i.e., the Geneva and Hague Conventions, provide that non-uniformed particpants captured in combat be executed. Period. The only privileges a POW is entitled to are reserved specifically for uniformed combatants. Even those privileges are limited and are concerned with the basic sustenance and health of POWs.

    Please note, that as posted by KAK, the so-called “detainees” lead a far more healthful and comfortable life than they ever had in the cesspools they all came from. Please note further, that no American POW has EVER had the privileges and comfort much less the mercy that these sworn enemies of America, baby murderers, receive from the detention camps in Guantanamo.

    And finally, investigate the treatment these so-called “detainees” return to their guards. The abuse they heap on their guards, with no corporal punishment BTW, is absolutely disgusting. Contrary to what the mainstream media would have us believe, our men and women in Guantanamo are decent honorable people who perform their thankless mission with integrity.

    Don’t fall for the propaganda and lies of the obsessed Bush-hating liberals. Regardless of their denials and phony pronouncements, they do NOT have your best interests at heart, and are only concerned with undermining their political oponents. They will say and/or do ANYTHING to capture the power they so desperately lust after. They will, of course appeal to your emotions and good heart to pervert those very things, and grinning, lead you down the primrose path.

    Research your subject in depth and from reliable sources when presenting opinions on issues. Do speak out. America is built on such. But speak from an adequately informed position You will surely gain enemies, but truth is it’s own reward, just like virtue.

  14. 06jk Says:

    While I agree that most of these detainees ARE criminals and HAVE violated basic human principles, I see no reason why this means they can still be denied the right to simply KNOW WHY they are imprisoned.

    Grandpa, I do realize that these detainees are, for the most part, treated decently in GB, but that’s exactly what we should be doing. Just because a driver stops at a red light does not mean that he/she deserves a trophy. It’s expected behavior. I never once ragged on our soldiers’ ethics and actions. I believe they are doing a fine job.

    To everyone: my point in question is NOT whether these people are guilty! I am simply stating that they desrve the basic rights that we’re trying to instill in their country in the first place. I don’t feel like telling someone what charges they are facing is really a huge threat to the security of our country. It’s allowing a universal human dignity to remain in their lives that, as Christians, we allegedly hold so dear.

  15. Granpa George Says:

    You have a good heart, JAK, and I love you for it.

    But we must remember that these are neither US citizens under the protection of our Constitution, nor are they merely criminals. They are enemy combatants who generally have vital information that can help save the lives of American troops. Those troops already fight with one hand behind their backs thanks to an overly “caring” set of rules that prevents them from defending themselves in all but the most dire circumstances. If you research the rules of engagement that they are forced to endure, you may understand how important it is for us to gain intelligence from “detainees”.

    As I stated already, under Geneva and Hague Conventions, these illegal combatants may be summarily executed on the spot when captured. That is International law. Instead, we take them into custody, and place them into a secure location, where they are treated with far more luxurious accommodations than they ever enjoyed where they came from.

    As for their “right” to know what they’re charged with, can you possibly believe that they don’t know why they are where they are, or what they’ve done wrong? The simple fact is that our men did not just randomly pick up wayward individuals and kidnap them. They were rather, caprtured on the battlefield, in the process of killng our troops. That their lives were spared alone speaks volumes of our mercy. Their more than humane treatment in custody speaks even more toward that.

    Finally, the fact that they are being allowed to face a military tribunal in lieu of a civil or criminal court is yet another proof of the just treatment they are accorded. No other country in the world, in any conflict, has ever allowed even captured uniformed and legally protected fighters to face a duly constituted tribunal, much less committed terrorists that belong to no organized military. Yet we provide such justice, free of charge of course, to these men, where they will be represented by the very same military lawyers that defend our own miitary in a military court. But you were never told that, were you?

    There is no injustice here, but rather a kindness and mercy never seen by our captured troops. THEY are tortured and ultimately beheaded, often on camera for the entertainment of their captors.

    Bottom line is that these men are receiving more than you demand. You should be proud of the way we handle this issue, rather than chastise our government for not doing even more. The clamor over this issue is a purely partisan political move, intended to embarass the current administration with absolutely no regard for the truth, in a quest to gain political power. Be very careful when you engage in committing to an agenda that hides behind the mask of “goodness”. Otherwise, you risk becoming what those who would destroy America call “useful dupes”. Their tactics are to use good hearted and well-meaning people like yourself to promote their insidious subversion of our beloved country.

    Please consider these things.

    I can only hope that since you show such interest in this issue, you investigate and research more than the voices of the left-wing agitators who dominate our so-called “news” media. There is truth out there. You just have to dig deep for it.

    I am so very proud of you for your great heart and kindness, and your willingness to speak out. Please don’t stop. Rather, search for the truth, the whole truth.

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