ADD and Obesity

Although I am VERY ashamed to admit, I was watching Fox this afternoon…and the news came on. I was in the middle of making lunch, so I decided to listen to the plethora (great word) of barely-news stories that filled the hour. However, one story really did catch my attention. Some doctors have begun to prescribe Adderall, a drug used to treat ADD and ADHD, to severely overweight children.

My little sister actually uses Adderall for her ADD, so I’m pretty familiar with its effects. She was always somewhat of a pudgy girl, never fat, but had a good amount of meat on her. Within a month of taking Adderall, she looked entirely different. Her eating habits changed completely in that she consumed much less in a day than she had before. Every morning my parents have to make sure she eats breakfast before taking her pills. She does not eat much for lunch during the day because of her decrease in appetite and has just a small snack when she gets home from school. However, by dinner time, the medication has worn off, and she eats a great deal. All this has changed her body type; she is now very slim and slender.

To me, the prescription of ADD medication to help overweight children is worthy of a substantial amount judgment and criticism. America is currently one of the most overweight countries in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. We absolutely love the taste and convenience of fast food. We have jobs that sit us in front of computers for 8 hours a day. Preservatives, saturated fats, and calories are packed into the foods we call “American”. We are a country that craves speed and efficiency, and healthy meals usually take time and effort. We adore chips, chocolate, and all sorts of candy in large quantities. And deep-frying? Don’t hesitate; throw those fries in that grease! Our portions are massive in comparison with those of other countries.

Older generations are instilling these bad eating and exercise habits on their children. Kids sit in front of televisions and computers, snaking on junk. For dinner, busy parents swing by McDonalds for a Happy Meal and Coke. School lunch programs often offer large quantities of deep fried foods as well as vending machines loaded with fat-adding, artery-clogging goodness.

So, how do we correct this obesity disease in our children? Give them ADD medication! Suppress their appetites! Don’t teach them about the health problems of being overweight, but threaten them with the aesthetic consequences! Let’s not discuss nutrition, healthy hearts, or active bodies; just make ’em eat less. And the best, and of course, easiest way to do this is by popping a pill once a day. Mom and dad don’t have to do any extra work except for remembering to refill the prescription every month.

Moms and dads need to wake up! Take the extra time to scramble an egg and peel a banana for breakfast. For lunch, a turkey sandwich on wheat bread accompanied by carrot sticks and celery would be great. Include yogurt and a small piece of candy. For dinner, toss a salad; steam some broccoli; bake a ham; cook some rolls, and have a small bowl of ice cream for desert. Take a multi-vitamin every morning; drink 80z of V8 (8 oz. contain one serving of fruits/vegetables for the day, and there are a ton of flavors to choose from); walk to the park on weekends; sign kids up for the peewee sport of his or her choice. Make the effort to establish a healthy life for your kids. Teach them that exercise builds a strong heart (and actually, studies are being done that show that regular cardio exercise increases your brain’s ability to absorb and retain new information, as well as fight Alzheimer’s). Let them know that it’s okay to have snacks, but they have to be eaten responsibly.

Good life habits begin right away. When your kid is in 6th grade and weighs almost 200lbs., you have not done something right as a parent, and it is absolutely irresponsible to turn to medication for attention deficit disorder in order to correct the errors you have made. What does this teach our children? Pills can cure anything with little or no effort. Eating healthy and exercising regularly isn’t really required to be thin and look great, so why bother?

When it comes to bettering ourselves and our lives, we all too often take the easy way out, and I am truly tired of it.

Parents: live up to your responsibilities of guiding your children toward healthy life styles, and help them now so that they do not face diabetes, heart failure, clogged arteries, and severe hardships in the future.

Effort and hard work go a very long way, and for some reason, we Americans seem to have forgotten all about that.


11 Responses to “ADD and Obesity”

  1. R. Whitsberg Says:

    Drugs are the only way. We are all Robots. Working is a thing of the past generations. Exercising? HA! Americans are way fatter than Europeans because we are smarter! That’s right! SMARTER! The great ICE AGE is coming and when it is time to hibernate, guess who will be prepared?! The fatties! I know I will be prepared.

    Drugs/Phatty Eats/Rock&Roll/Sex(only robot sex)/dank beef rolls


  2. 06jk Says:

    Good call. I’ll start fattening up to prepare now.

  3. Paul Says:

    Devil’s Advocate: Lots of doctors are Indian, which means that they are about as close to perfection as a person can get. And a doctor doesn’t just toss drugs at them to make them lose weight, its a last resort for kids who legitimately try to lose weight in a healthy way and can’t do it. Obesity is a dangerous condition with a lot of risks involved. I wonder that if you can fix it why not do it?

    Me: Send them to Siberia for a year, that’ll set em straight

  4. R. Whitsberg Says:


  5. 06jk Says:

    Hey Paul. Thanks a ton for the response. I guess my gripe is, more than anything, that parents let it get so bad that their kids are forced to turn toward a last resort. I do understand that when one’s child is 100lbs overweight at the age of 11 or 12, that could probably be classified as an emergency, seeing as they are at such a high risk for diabetes and heart problems at that young age. However, I really think that some aspect of one’s parenting should be questioned if the problem has gotten to be that bad.

    Oh, and I got a good chuckle out of the Siberia remark. Haha.

  6. Trent A. Says:

    I’m guessing that with this blog you are not going to vote for Hillary?

  7. Leeeeeeeif Says:

    Same thing happened to me on different ADD meds, I was misdiagnosed and never actually had it. Wack stuff. I can’t afford to lose much weight.

  8. 06jk Says:

    Trent… Not sure where I stand on Hillary. I’m actually quite behind with my research on candidates. I’ll get back to you on that one haha.

    Leif… If you lost a pound, you’d float away in a soft breeze.

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  11. Beat Diabetes Says:


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