This is a reply blog to a friend of mine

A conservative friend of mine (Trent, we are friends, right? haha) posted a blog that I just HAD to comment on. However, my comment was extremely long, so I decided to make it a post instead. This is the link to Trent’s post that I am replying to. The World According to Trent

Trent, I love your writing. It’s solid, thought-provoking, and makes me so angry I don’t know what to do with myself! Hahaha. Alright, so let me try to hit on everything I want to. Hopefully this doesn’t get too long:

I believe in global warming; it’s a reality in my eyes. The basic principle is this: certain gases react with light in a manner such that, when the sun hits them, they move very quickly. They bend and stretch and wobble around. As many know, things in motion create heat. When you’re cold in the winter, you jump up and down and wiggle about. It warms you. Well, the moving particles (CO2 is just one type) heat up the air around them as the sun hits them by all the bending and stretching. The greenhouse effect is NOT heat being trapped around the earth by the ozone or anything like that, and I just wanted to clear that up with… well whoever is reading.

Secondly, I DO understand what you mean when you say that global warming actually hurts the poor. Countries in Africa that are trying to develop do not have the technology developed nations do, and they end up really hurting the environment. They clear-cut forests to make farms and utilize other such harmful practices just so that they can get by. (Which, in my opinion, is just another reason why we need to give them a hand, not so much monetarily, but through teaching). Similarly, emissions tests in this country ban cars from the road that do not pass whatever pollution rates. However, who are the people who own cars so old/beat up that they emit too many pollutants? Ah yes. The poor ( a person making $150,000 is not driving around in a 1989 Ford Tempo). This takes away the cars that THEY NEED to travel to their jobs. So, tough choice on that one, huh? Cleaner air or keep low-income people employed?

The Kyoto Protocol took into account a country’s population, economic status, and rate of development when determining the reduction of pollutants. For example, the U.S. would have to reduce a greater percentage of our CO2 emissions than, for example, a country in South Africa would.

I don’t see global warming as something that will decimate our economy. I hate so much that liberals have to turn global warming into something so unbelievably radical while conservatives need to deny it outright. There is a middle-ground! I read an article in Time Magazine a while back on how business people (to be politically correct! hahaha) and entrepreneurs in the U.S. are developing amazing technology that will lower greenhouse emissions and put the U.S. back on the forefront of scientific/technological advancements (something that NO ONE, left or right, can say is a bad thing). I also have an earlier post titled Global Warming: An Economic Tale, which I believe you commented on, Trent, discussing how much money people can save while conserving energy at the same time.

Personally, I don’t see how taking reasonable steps to care for the environment and putting the brakes on global warming is a terrible thing. I know that I want my children to grow up in a safe, healthy future. How horrible would our generation feel if our children or children’s children had to deal with, for example, flooded coast lines, almost unlivable air quality, and sky-rocketing temperatures that lead to famines and water shortages? Although those are drastic ideas right now, if we push things too far for too long, they are definite possibilities for the future. I would not want two generations down the line to resent and hate us for something we could have prevented. I would like them to believe that we did what we could to make their futures good places to live. Decimation of the environment really is a problem in that we are stewards to this place that, well, isn’t really ours. And yes, taking care of global warming and the enviro as a whole will cost a couple bucks, but that’s why it is something we need to plan and work on logically and REASONABLY. Let’s start with basic steps before we jump around and get ahead of ourselves. Advancing our technology to find different sources of energy could help boost our economy a great deal, rather than hurt it.

All in all, Trent, I think you bring up awesome points. It is so hard to choose between our environment and our poor. Issues such as these are going to take a ton of compromise, discussion, and give-and-take. None of it will be easy, but there IS a middle ground, and there ARE answers. We just have to find the people (or hell…Let’s BE the people) who are open-minded enough to get it done.


7 Responses to “This is a reply blog to a friend of mine”

  1. Trent A. Says:

    I would say we are friends, at least political friends. Anyway, here is something I’d like you to look at:

    Who’s to say that anthropogenic global warming is real or not? The debate is far from over, though…unless one is watching The Weather Channel.

  2. Trent A. Says:

  3. R. Whitsberg Says:

    Nonsense! Utter foolishness! I read up to: “I believe in global warming; it’s a reality in my eyes.”
    If you are going to go out there and say you believe in global warming, why don’t you just say you believe in dinosaurs also!? One must wonder what you put in your morning blend! One must wonder!

    -Ad maiorem dei gloriam

  4. dandelionsalad Says:

    Great post. Global warming is real alright. And we humans must take some responsibility for it whether or not we are the only cause of it.

    On a side note: thanks for dropping by my blog today. I’ve just started to post here and really like it. Lots of cool features. For the most part I do not write the blog posts but post others’ work, mostly in the news and politics category. I attempt to post news that one wouldn’t get if they relied on TV news and local newspapers. I also post stuff that I don’t always agree with either.

  5. 06jk Says:

    Oh, hey Trent… I never got to say “har har” to your Green Pledge.
    Very funny. :-p

  6. alex Says:

    Good luck with your site in the future!

  7. richard Says:

    Nice looking site.t

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