Some rambling till I post my next blog…

I haven’t written in quite some time… finals had consumed my life for a few weeks. But I’m back! I’m working on a more complex blog at the moment, although until I’m done, enjoy this appetizer:

While watching ESPN coverage of the Mitchell Report with my boyfriend, Bob, he mentioned something that I had never really thought of: Think of the millions of dollars funding dozens of scientists to find a way to detect HGH in humans… imagine if that was all directed toward cancer research.

Man. Good point, Bob.

While I was flipping through a weekly magazine that my sister receives in school, an article titled, “Smell This” caught my attention. The article was about posters advertising the new film, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. A new product developed by scientists from the company, Scientisphere, has allowed advertisements to be printed in scented ink. Advertisers have taken advantage of this development with the logic that scent is so closely tied to memory that ads using this new ink will have a leg-up in the consumer’s mind.

Again, how much funding was put into this product that could have possibly made a difference in Alzheimer’s, Cancer, or AIDS research?

I guess this is just some food for thought. Think of all the major product lines (Nike, iPod, Ford) that spend millions every quarter on advertising. Think of the gajillion, bazillion dollars being spent on a war in Iraq.

Now think of the quality of our VA hospitals.

I’m not even going to delve into issues like public housing, public schooling, national health care, etc. I doubt many can argue with finding a cure for cancer or treating our veterans to the treatment they deserve while in the hospital. I suppose this is more of an ethical question rather than a political one, but it’s becoming a rather tiring sight for me.

Our money has become so misguided and misdirected.  I just don’t understand how we can continue to be so selfish and so self-centered- so oblivious to pain and ignorant to suffering. What’s the solution? Is there a solution? Is this merely my bleeding heart idealism taking over my rationality? Has my young, untainted hopefulness rendered me completely unable to see reality?

I dunno. Criticism welcomed, encouraged.


3 Responses to “Some rambling till I post my next blog…”

  1. throughpaulseyes Says:

    Reality is a VA hospital doesn’t make as much money as Nike, Apple or Ford. Way of the world you know. At least places like Starbucks will donate some money to good causes like the Marines in Iraq.

    Product (Red) is doing something good. People aren’t oblivious to pain and ignorant to suffering. They just don’t care enough to do something. So a bunch of companies (Gap, Armani, Motorola, Apple, Sprint, Converse and some others probably) make some sweet products, and donate some of the profit to lessening the burden of AIDS in Africa. The selfish get cool stuff, get to feel like less of a tool, get to feel like they’re helping a good cause, and they actually are.

    Pretty sweet about the smelly ink.

  2. Kevin S. Says:

    You brought up some good points Jak, and I think I actually learned something in microeconomics this year of relevance. Its sad, but our world now operates solely on profits and profitable ventures. My professor gave us an example in class one day. I dont know if you have heard but recently there have been these “killer” staff infections going around hospitals that are unaffected by today’s antibiotics. Big drug companies HAVE the capabilities to create new stronger antibiotics to combat these “killer” infections, but the explicit and implicit costs of creating a new drug is very very large. But the thing about antibiotics is that you maybe take 10-20 pills to combat the infection and then you are healthy again. The drug company would not be making any profit off these drugs so they continue to let people die of these super-infections. They need to focus their research on things like lowering cholesterol and male-pattern baldness, ie chronic health issues that many people suffer from. So then they’ve got people hooked on Lipitor, Zetia, etc. for life and can continue to collect those profits.
    So I think you might be wrong to wonder about the funding for HGH detection and cancer research. Cancer drugs are very profitable (i know my brothers’ 4 week chemotherapy was something like $22,000) right now so if a “wonder cure” came about it would have to be so ridiculously expensive…enough for drug companies to recoup the money lost on chemotherapy, radiation treatment, etc. So the only way I can see a real cure for cancer, or any serious disease for that matter, would be privately funded/donations.
    So really, there is not as much money being pumped into HGH detection as you think. MLB, MLB Owners, and the US Gov’t simply dont want to spend enough money to finance such a project. And lets face it, Major League Baseball had one of its most profitable seasons ever this year. Clearly steriods and HGH arent a big deal to fans who buy tickets. The inflated statistics have only increased interest in MLB. So if fans really cared about players using HGH, they would fork over their own cash for research, or simply stop going to the games, its that simple. This is why MLB should start penalizing team owners for player violations. It would actually make them care that their players are juiced and are hitting more homeruns, because right now more homeruns=more fans=MORE MONEY

  3. 06jk Says:

    Thanks for the reply, Kev 🙂
    It was a great one

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