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Odious Oprah

April 2, 2008

Before anyone continues to read, I would like to make it clear that this post is going to be ridiculously one-sided. I hate Oprah. She does nothing for society. You can tell me all you want about her charity or whatever good dead you want to harp on, but how often does she do these deeds?

In 2007, Oprah was worth $1.8 billion. Put simply: When Oprah shells out a couple thousand to this or that charity, it’s like me pulling nickels out from under my couch.  She is not brave. She is not overly intelligent. She DEFINITELY doesn’t even have good looks going for her!

My grandpa sent me this link. It’s about “Oprah’s Church”. So the gist of the story is that she is telling people that there are many paths to heaven and that Christ is not the only way.

WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE?! Let her say what she wants and believe what she needs. It’s a free country. She is obviously just trying to get more people to pay attention to her and worship the ground she walks on. Plus she hangs out with that doofus, Tom Cruise. He is probably converting her to scientology, slowly but surely.

I mean, she does have a lot of money to give… she’ll probably become a church elder after about a week.

The comments on the video say things like, “Well, I guess she won’t be walking through the Gates of Heaven with any of us.” Who the hell are you to proclaim you’re going to heaven? That is the most self-righteous, pedantic thing I’ve ever heard. Man, get a life.

Oprah continues to say that, while in church, she was listening to the minister discuss how all-knowing and all-existing God is. She then stated that the minster said that God is a jealous God.

I dunno what kind of wack-job church you’re going to lady, but I can tell you that in all my years of Catholic-school-going and  church attendance, I have never ever heard that phrase.

Other than to tell Oprah that she is a dummy, we should all just stop paying attention to her. Stop buying her books. Stop watching her boringly redundant show. Don’t buy her magazine, her clothing line, or her cocaine products (joke?). Just stop giving her the time of day. Let her say and think whatever she wants. It’s not hurting anyone. She is vapid and self-centered. By paying attention we feed into her cravings for money and popularity.

Why in God’s name would you buy her magazine anyway? The woman can’t stay in shape. She can’t stay young. She isn’t good looking. Unless you are worth 1.8 billion you’re not going to be able to buy half the junk she advertises.

Pick up a book.

Thomas Paine’s most influential writings are now available in paperback.
How about Alex de Toqueville ‘s Democracy in America?
To Kill a Mockingbird
Boy’s Life
1984 is my favorite
Fahrenheit 451?!

Anything but Oprah! For God’s sake, feed your intellect!!

(Re-reading this post has made me realize how ridiculous it is, but I don’t really care. I’m entitled to a good nonsensical rant every now and then, right?)