Odious Oprah

Before anyone continues to read, I would like to make it clear that this post is going to be ridiculously one-sided. I hate Oprah. She does nothing for society. You can tell me all you want about her charity or whatever good dead you want to harp on, but how often does she do these deeds?

In 2007, Oprah was worth $1.8 billion. Put simply: When Oprah shells out a couple thousand to this or that charity, it’s like me pulling nickels out from under my couch.  She is not brave. She is not overly intelligent. She DEFINITELY doesn’t even have good looks going for her!

My grandpa sent me this link. It’s about “Oprah’s Church”. So the gist of the story is that she is telling people that there are many paths to heaven and that Christ is not the only way.

WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE?! Let her say what she wants and believe what she needs. It’s a free country. She is obviously just trying to get more people to pay attention to her and worship the ground she walks on. Plus she hangs out with that doofus, Tom Cruise. He is probably converting her to scientology, slowly but surely.

I mean, she does have a lot of money to give… she’ll probably become a church elder after about a week.

The comments on the video say things like, “Well, I guess she won’t be walking through the Gates of Heaven with any of us.” Who the hell are you to proclaim you’re going to heaven? That is the most self-righteous, pedantic thing I’ve ever heard. Man, get a life.

Oprah continues to say that, while in church, she was listening to the minister discuss how all-knowing and all-existing God is. She then stated that the minster said that God is a jealous God.

I dunno what kind of wack-job church you’re going to lady, but I can tell you that in all my years of Catholic-school-going and  church attendance, I have never ever heard that phrase.

Other than to tell Oprah that she is a dummy, we should all just stop paying attention to her. Stop buying her books. Stop watching her boringly redundant show. Don’t buy her magazine, her clothing line, or her cocaine products (joke?). Just stop giving her the time of day. Let her say and think whatever she wants. It’s not hurting anyone. She is vapid and self-centered. By paying attention we feed into her cravings for money and popularity.

Why in God’s name would you buy her magazine anyway? The woman can’t stay in shape. She can’t stay young. She isn’t good looking. Unless you are worth 1.8 billion you’re not going to be able to buy half the junk she advertises.

Pick up a book.

Thomas Paine’s most influential writings are now available in paperback.
How about Alex de Toqueville ‘s Democracy in America?
To Kill a Mockingbird
Boy’s Life
1984 is my favorite
Fahrenheit 451?!

Anything but Oprah! For God’s sake, feed your intellect!!

(Re-reading this post has made me realize how ridiculous it is, but I don’t really care. I’m entitled to a good nonsensical rant every now and then, right?)


9 Responses to “Odious Oprah”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Cubano also hates Oprah. I had to watch an episode about the Holocaust with him and Deb while her son played WOW. He basically said a lot of the same things you did. He was also topless during the entire episode.

    I just thought you’d find that funny.

  2. throughpaulseyes Says:

    I might get to work on her security detail if I get this job I’m shooting for. I hear she’s kinda mean.

    That being said, I’m surprised you keep saying she’s unattractive. So what? She makes a lot of people happy. Those nickels you dig out of your couch are helpful to a charity (can’t you feed an African kid for like a quarter a day or something), and those thousands she gives are a lot of nickels. I don’t give my nickels to a charity as often as she gives her equivalent (of course my house does support many philanthropies and I give my time for those). I don’t like her, but some people do. The work she does is often beneficial to others, even if its pointless drivel, so more power to her.

    I’ve heard that God is a jealous God. I forget exactly what it means, but it’s supposed to be an argument against belief in other gods. I don’t think I heard it in a Catholic Church, I think it was at a Baptist one.

    I still have to read 1984…

  3. amberfireinus Says:

    I am laughing so hard I can’t stand it! Did you read my post on this subject??? I basically said the exact same thing.

    Don’t you just love it when she interrupts experts who are on her show and answers questions for them? When someone asks her.. she says.. Of course I know… I do the Oprah show! It makes me want to puke.

    The charity work she does…. give me a break. As I pointed out in my post.. her big giveaways etc., they are not her giveaways. It is the car companies who give the cars for advertisement on the Oprah show! Duh!

    The books she endorses? Don’t you think she gets paid by the publishers to read them???? Hello? There was only one book she ever endorsed that blew me away. It was years ago before her head became goodyear blimp size. That was “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zuckov. A great read. Other than that, its all been trash. Have you ever read “The People you meet in Heaven?” It was sitting in the guest bedroom at my cousin’s place so I picked it up. What a load of RUBBISH!!!!!!

    I don’t care if she’s fat or thin. She’s human. Weight is a very personal issue and a tough demon to master. I know its probably tough for you to understand with your 20 year old self. Being attractive… well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Part of Oprah’s original charm was that she was like the girl next door. Like you and me. Her age too, well that is something we all do…. age. Another thing a 20 year old can’t quite grip.

    However all of that said… why oh why does the woman have to plaster her own picture every single month on her magazine. Surely there are other pictures she could put on the cover! Doesn’t she get tired of photoshoots? Sheesh.

    And don’t even get me started on Dr. Phil. She should have been thrown off the air for him to begin with!!!!

  4. amberfireinus Says:

    Here is my posting in case you want to read it… and the responses are interesting too!


  5. Buy To Let on The Finance World For News and Information Around The World On Finance » Blog Archive » Odious Oprah Says:

    […] Odious Oprah Don’t buy her magazine, her clothing line, or her cocaine products (joke?). Just stop giving her the time of day. Let her say and think whatever she wants. It’s not hurting anyone. She is vapid and self-centered. … […]

  6. paperdreamer Says:

    I think Oprah does some things for the world — she’s not Mother Teresa but I think more like a on-woman infomercial less version of PBS. Rita Phyken isn’t as good at laughing “spontaneously” as Oprah though. And Rita Phyken sells DVDs of Celtic Woman and River Dance.

    But I agree Oprah has started to annoy me a lot more recently. Since when was not being admitted, after closing time, into a haute couture Parisian store (Hermes) a civil rights violation? I realize Oprah doesn’t fit the stereotype of a commercially successful female, but I just feel like saying “Sister, pleeease…”

  7. 69th Says:

    It makes me laugh reading this post. America is a weird country. And mine is not better. We have now an almost Prime Minister who,unlike Oprah, is not only sure to go to Heaven, but he believes to own Heaven itself!!! 😀
    By the way, writing from Italy tonight.

  8. 06jk Says:

    Hey 69th. Sorry I didn’t write back sooner, but thanks for the comment!

  9. SPendNOT4Oprah Says:

    Ban spending any money, energy, time or anything else on Oprah. The less the name is mentioned maybe her empire of B.S. will pass on into the ashes of “history”

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