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Gay is Okay! Back off already, will ya?

August 14, 2007

This is going to be one of very few occasions in which I spend an entire blog ranting about some major issue like this. Feel free to spit back if you don’t agree, but just please… be respectful.

This whole rant is inspired by comment made by someone I know just a couple days ago.
While chatting about gays in the U.S. with another person with which I am acquainted (I don’t want to give aaaaaany identities out here), this woman intervened and said, “Oh, well I just had to talk to my pastor about that type around my kids.”
I said, “Oh…do you mean too much physical affection being displayed in front of your kids or something?”
She replied, “No… a guy in our neighborhood who has been flashing little kids.”
The other person in the conversation almost exploded with rage. “That’s a pedophile,” he said calmly with great restraint.
I added, “That has absolutely nothing to do with being gay.”

This conversation sparked some anger inside me, and I felt like the best outlet for that anger would be, of course, an opinion blog.

I’m done. I’m done with people complaining about gays. I’m done with listening to wack job Christians scream that gays have brought the war in Iraq upon us. I’m just absolutely tired with people CARING so much about what other people do when it brings absolutely no harm upon anyone else.

You just don’t like that people are living their lives differently than you choose to live yours.
Stop it.

You don’t want your children seeing gay people express affection in front of them? Why?
I’ll tell you what: if your child truly is straight, seeing two women hold hands isn’t going to change anything.

I’m sick of the stereotypes: Oh those gays are just SO sexually promiscuous!
I’ve got more news for you… A 25 year old straight man or women having a couple dozen sexual partners is not a rarity. And again, it’s not hurting you!

I am also getting fed up with people demanding that the government outlaw gay civil unions. I can understand Churches outlawing gay marriage; they are private sectors of life in which the government cannot interfere. But that works both ways! Just because it’s “against your religion” for two gay people to get married, let alone be in love, doesn’t mean that the government must prohibit it. Jews don’t believe in eating pork, and you don’t see them seeking a national ban on the product! They just don’t eat it themselves- end of story.
What a concept!

I feel like this country is regressing back to the mentality of toddlers. Do you honestly have to be told to mind your own business, like you’re four years old? Just, leave people alone. They are inflicting no injury upon you. They are not infringing on your rights to be a free citizen of this country. What’s the problem?

And for the Christians out there who are saying that homosexuality is forbidden in the Bible…I don’t even want to hear it. If you REALLY knew what you were talking about, you’d remember what the concept of Jesus’ coming was in the first place. He came to tell the world to throw out all the old rules! He marked the beginning of a new era that preached first and foremost the love of God and others. That being said, how can allowing two men to be together who truly love one another be such a bad thing? We would merely be fostering love in a world that already has enough hate to last us through to the next century.

And secondly… saying that 911, the war in Iraq, and Hurricane Katrina all occurred because of God’s wrath on the U.S. for being too lax on gays… Give me a break! Once again, the “vengeful God” is the God of the Old Testament. How dare you call yourself Christian while you still hold so much hate in your heart for other human beings? You make the rest of us Christians look like spiteful lunatics.
Just stop it.

And finally, to the the accusations that same sex couples do not raise mentally healthy children… you obviously have not been keeping yourself up to date. Hundreds of studies are proving more and more often that same sex parents raise children who are just as mentally sound, if not more so, than opposite sex parents. Here is just one example of one such study:

Soooo I’m pretty riled up now, but I feel like all that had to be said. My choice, my preference, is not to live a gay lifestyle, but I will be damned if I have to sit around and listen to other people being told that they cannot live one.