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“Oh my God it was soooooo retarded!”

July 18, 2007

“I was like… ‘Are you seriously retarded?'”
“My car is so retarded.”
“He acts like such a retard.”

Really, people?

I am completely fed up with people using the word “retarded” to describe others’ idiocy or the fact that a system or process doesn’t function properly. I will openly admit that I am VERY guilty of using the word “gay” to make fun of or insult. However, over the past month or so I have been trying to censor myself and realize that the word should not be used in that manner.

But “retarded”…

How absolutely shallow can you be? How can you use such a discriminatory word and still feel okay about it?  First and foremost, you sound like a complete moron. I find that people sound stuck-up, snooty, ditzy, and vapid when using the word “retarded” as a way to mock someone or something. Honestly. You make yourself sound like an idiot.

Second, and most importantly, you are using a derogatory word that classifies a serious, untreatable medical problem to insult someone or something. Mental illnesses and handicaps have specific names (i.e. Down Syndrome), and classifying them all under one category, “retarded”, as a wonderfully witty way to make fun of someone can hardly be considered a moral thing to do.


This word has become so prevalent in our society, especially in my age group. However, I’ve noticed it quickly spreading to younger generations as well, and that greatly disturbs me.

Funny (yet disturbing) story: While visiting a really close friend of mine in Wisconsin, we decided to spend an afternoon at the beach. While laying in the sand, a family made camp about 10-15 yards from us. The family consisted of a mother in her mid 30’s, two girls, probably about 5 and 7, and a man that the girls referred to as “John”. While the seven year old ran around causing quite a ruckus, her mother shrilly yelled, “JILL, STOP ACTING LIKE A RETARD!” To which, the little girl responded, “Mommy, what’s a retard?”

I wanted to vomit.

I am not judging the character or quality of people who choose to use the word “retard” in such a manner, but I think it is something to be questioned. So please, next time you find yourself ready to use this elegant and classy insult, think about what you’re really saying, who you’re really insulting: A group of people with mental disabilities. Innocent people who have done nothing wrong and cannot control the complications with which they were born.

When you use the word “retarded” to make fun of someone or something, you diminish the dignity of the people who truly have those handicaps. It’s not fair to rob these people of any human value just because they are not as able-bodied or able-minded as you and me.

Just… show some respect.