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The Dishonor in Doping

March 2, 2007

As the endless cycle of steroid abuse by some of our country’s top athletes becomes more and more wide-spread, the United States government has FINALLY began to crack down on offenders, infiltrating the world of sports and taking actions to correct the problem that pro sports have no authority to do. However, problems still loom in detecting these steroids, including the lack of a completely reliable test for Human Growth Horomone (HGH) and the increasing development of “designer steroids”, that is, those that cannot be tested for.

My observations lie not in whether it is moral or immoral to utilize controlled substances, but the clear and obvious dishonor of our pro athletes who choose the path of steroids. If anyone reading this ever listens to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio (and if you don’t I STRONGLY suggest you do), you have probably heard them ask, “Is there room for honor in sports?” Being an absolutely obsessed fan of The Chicago White Sox and Major League Baseball in general, this question plagues me a great deal. Where has the talent gone? I’m not talking the ability to post 70 home runs in a season. I truly mean, where has the finesse, the agility, the heart, the charisma, the character, and the sheer sweat, ability, and soul gone to? As steriod use has become more and more typical, pro sports have turned into something that calls for nothing more than merely bulk to succeed. Where is the REAL competition? Simple: the real competition lies in one’s ability to find the most efficient and effective ‘roids. To find the most trustworthy doctor who won’t write a book titled “Dopey Dopers” and send you up the river five years from now. The real talent lies in cheating.

So, Mike and Mike, to answer your question personally, yes, I truly believe that there is still room for honor in sports. However, it is up to the fans to refuse to settle for steroid-abusing meat heads as a sorry excuse for talent. My own opinion is this: zero tolerance. When an Olympic champion is discovered to have used performance enhancing drugs, his or her medal is stripped away. End of story. His/her records? Not in the books. This same swiftness must be executed within ALL pro sports. Barry Bonds, you’ve used? And for how long? Bye. Out of the MLB. Your contract? Extinguished. There is no place for you in American athletics. Mark McGuire, you too? Your record: gone. Your name? Out of the books. You are not welcome in baseball anymore. Users, beware: You will also enjoy time in prison like any other average crack head plaguing the streets, because that is really all that you are- a drug addict. Watch out though, in prison, it’s not needles that get stuck in your rear…